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ABRACADABRA Playing Cards Cartamundi

$17.99 USD
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ABRACADABRA Playing Cards Cartamundi

$17.99 USD


Blake Vogt's one-of-a-kind art has now been brought to life with a limited-edition deck of cards that both magicians and collectors will adore.

The popular ABRACADABRA design offers a captivating visual that looks like a museum-quality piece of modern art. That is until you inspect it closer and discover that magic's most iconic phrase has been carefully hidden within the shapes.

Now, this amazing illustration has inspired the sleek and modern ABRACADABRA Playing Cards. It has been carefully integrated into the two-way back design of this exclusive deck, which also features standard faces, a gorgeous custom Ace of Spades, matching Jokers with inverted ABRACADABRA imagery, and a chic miniature ABRACADABRA print with Blake's signature on the back.

While the stunning embossed card box built from custom kraft stock ensures it will be a centerpiece addition to any playing card collection, the ABRACADABRA deck was designed to be used. That's why it's manufactured by Cartamundi on their beloved slimline stock with a B9 finish to ensure superior handling, and comes with a double-backer. Only 2,000 decks ever printed!

  • One of the best gorgeous box designs we've ever seen
  • Custom tuck box, seal, ace of spades, and back design
  • Printed by Cartamundi
  • Slimline stock
  • B9 Finish
  • 2021 Release

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