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A New Look at Card Fans Book

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A New Look at Card Fans Book

$4.99 USD

A New Look at Card Fans Book

There is no debating that Lewis Ganson is a legend in the world of magic instruction. There are very few teachers who have accumulated the amount of material and knowledge as Lewis Ganson has in his lifetime. This book is a perfect example of why his writing and teaching style are still relevant today. This book covers a wide breadth of fanning techniques as well as deck handlings, shuffles, preparing cards, etc. This is a fantastic resource for everything "Fanning." 

Contents include:

  • The Origin of Card Fans
  • Cards Suitable for Fanning
  • Preparation of the Cards
  • Arranging the Cards
  • Forming Fans
  • Standard Fans
  • The Rosette
  • Magical Standard Card Fans
  • To Close a Standard Fan
  • Double Fan Separation
  • The Flash Change
  • Fan, Steal and Production
  • Giant Fans
  • The First Fan
  • The Second Fan
  • Square the Pack
  • The Rip Off
  • Waterfall Shuffle
  • The Spring Fan
  • Single Handed Fans
  • Magical Single Handed Fan
  • Fan False Shuffle
  • The Routine

Read and learn from A New Look at Card Fans - you'll impress your audience before you even begin your first card effect!

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Terry Quan Chi Dung

Great book for a classic and eye-catching move

Del Tracy
I love this book!

I bought this as a gift for someone else, but upon seeing it, I had to order another one for myself. The instructions are clear and easy to follow, and the pictures are great. I’ll have to look for more books by this man, he was obviously great at what he did.

Очень полезная книга.

Эта книга будет очень интересна как для начинающих картокрутителей , так и для просто ценителей карт . Да ещё по сказочно низкой цене , благодарю!

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