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A-GLO Bicycle Playing Cards - Blue & Red

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A-GLO Bicycle Playing Cards - Blue & Red

"A-GLO Playing Cards" is a concept 421 Creations had worked on for several months.
This deck is printed by the USPCC on Bicycle Grade Card Stock with an Air Cushion Finish and Ultra-Violet Ink! These mesmerizing cards are GREAT for (but not limited to):
  • Magic tricks! (especially under a black light!)
  • Cardistry!
  • Card collectors!
  • Adult parties / drinking games!
  • Kids games!
  • Impressing your friends!
  • Gift giving!

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Magic Mike

Love the backs of these cards but the faces hurt my eyes. It seems slightly over done and i bought these as a gift sometime ago but was disappointed in how they look

Am I hallucinating or is this real?!

I got the Red deck as a gift for someone - the card backs of this deck are quite stylish, with black being the background, and a intricate/ornate pattern in maroon colour. But the faces are quite wild - though not in a bad way. The courts have a very non-standard design, but the most striking thing is the very unusual and flouro style colours - eg purple, bright green, blue! I haven't had the chance to see this under a black light, but it certainly makes an impression in normal daylight, although it won't suit everyone.

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