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8 Deck Luxury Wooden Storage Box

$83.99 USD
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8 Deck Luxury Wooden Storage Box

$83.99 USD

8 Deck Luxury Wooden Storage Box

Material: Fraxinus Mandshurica: NortheastChina Ash (Latin name Fraxinus Mandshurica Rupr.)

Do you want to receive the highest praise for your card collection?

If so, this series of high-end Wooden Storage Boxes will be a perfect option.

The wooden box looks very high-end, and it also elevates the high value of the playing cards. Perfect for your most prized playing cards.

The wood from the Ash tree that grows in the northern hemisphere is used. The wood has a beautiful grain, and each box has a unique natural grain that cannot be replicated. In addition to its outstanding appearance, its wood is also very hard, which can protect your playing cards very well.

It is also very meticulously manufactured. Each finished product undergoes at least three times polishing, and each polishing strictly follows the direction of the wood grain. The natural charm of the wood grain is completely retained.

Each detail of both function and form is carefully considered. Strict quality control standards have been formulated and each wood board and empty slot has to be precisely measured and cut during the production process. It fits a standard-size playing card tuck box perfectly.

We understand your love for your playing cards and are eager to put them in comfortable first-class seats. The interior is lined with soft flannel which provides your playing cards with the best protection.

Both Wooden Storage Boxes in this series adopt a fully enclosed structure to prevent moisture and dust in the air from sullying your collection.

At the same time, in order to allow you to appreciate your playing cards, we included a skylight on the display box. The skylight is made of transparent clear acrylic, so you can admire your playing cards at any time.

The playing cards in the 8 Deck Wooden Storage Box have their side profiles facing forward.

Product specifications:

  • 310mm x 145mm x 93mm
  • Can hold 8 standard size playing cards
  • Fraxinus Mandshurica solid wood material
  • Flannel lining
  • Transparent skylight

Note: decks and key not included.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Nick Trainer
Awesome just needs a Key

This display case is great and priced well. The only gripe is that it doesn't include a key. I managed to use an exacto knife to latch it. But if it included a knife this would definitely be a 10 out of 10 from me.

Jason H.
Please read

I do not own this box. The one thing that stopped me from adding it to my cart was that it doesn’t come with a key. This looks too nice to have a key hole on the front that is purely decorative. I would buy multiple if the lock was functional. Hint hint…..

Terry Quan
Too Pricy !

Although it looks good to display some of your greatest cards in the collection, it is very pricy

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