8-Bit Black Pixelated Bicycle Playing Cards Deck

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8-bit, themed Bicycle Playing Cards, designed to take you back to the video games you grew up on.  

Designed by Michael Scott and Cobey Pile. The art work is by Michael Scott, who also made Ultimate Soldier. Remember all those 8 bit video games that drained the hours out of our youth. All those great codes that you wrote down so you could start at the same place in the game. Those cheat codes that Nate from down the street knew because his brother's friend Chad learned them from someone that worked in programming. Well, anyway, that’s what Nate told me. Somehow he always knew the cool codes. Does 007-373-5963 mean anything to you? How about, up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, a, select, start? If they do, you'll love this deck of cards. We designed the characters to remind you of those great days when you played video games late into the night in Ted's basement. Foregoing sleep to prove that you could save the world. Not only will you love the look, you'll love the feel. They are printed as a set of Bicycle Collectors Cards by the US Playing Card Company with magic finish.

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