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52 Proof Bicycle Playing Cards

$9.99 USD
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52 Proof Bicycle Playing Cards

$9.99 USD

52 Proof Bicycle Playing Cards

Whiskey is as American as apple pie. The oak tree on the front of the tuck box and seal - a symbol of the aging process for fine bourbon, matured in charred oak barrels to develop the distinct smoky flavor. 

This oak motif continues throughout the cards, from the Ace of Spades right around to the back design. 

While bars before prohibition were predominantly male domains, in the 1920's many women flocked to speakeasies in their best flapper attire. We've taken inspiration from images of the era to design the court cards, the art-deco was very in-vogue at the time. 

52 Proof. The American Spirit. The true taste of America.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

Great cards and are awesome to look at. They give me the vibes of a theory11 deck (my favorite company) so all the better!

Pleasantly surprised

This deck is worth it for the jokers alone, but the rest of the deck is awesome, too. Great artwork, excellent quality, and a bit educational, too. You can learn about jokers and how to make a drink with this deck.

Quan Chi Dung
Under rated !

Im surprise not many people own and use this deck - the art work is great especially the court cards. My type of cards

So Sick!

This is truly a sick deck. Part of the prohibition series, it features incredibly thoughtful artwork that takes a beautiful approach to the deco art without being "cheesy" or generic looking. The attention to detail throughout the whole deck is just stunning, not the least of which is the wicked Joker card. So siiiiick!!! You have to have this deck in your collection!

The gift that keeps on giving

This a great deck of cards that after you get one for yourself, grab another one for that family member or friends special occasion or just because... Just because this is a remarkable deck of cards that both the novice and expert collectors and cardists can and will appreciate.

Oh yea, and its part of the Prohibition series of cards!! Get them while you can!

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