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4 Index Bicycle Playing Cards

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4 Index Bicycle Playing Cards

4 Index Bicycle Playing Cards

Available in 2 colors, not sold as a set

Welcome to the last product of the Bicycle line, The 4 Index deck.

With its 4 index indexes (one on each corner) you will be able to spread the cards in hands and on table easily.

Original and practical, the 4 index deck is printed in Bicycle quality (Rider Back) with the Thin Crush finish which allows a better durability.

Each deck includes 2 special gaff cards and a 30 minutes video teaching 4 effects (+ variations) in details.

Indeed, although it is ideal for left-handed and right-handed people to enjoy the same and unique deck of cards together, it will also allow you to create a multitude of new tricks.

Here are some of the possibilities:

  • A freely selected card is - in a blink of an eye - find by the magician.
  • 2 queens will fuse together to let a queen with 4 index and no one on the other queen.
  • A special cards which represents the 52 cards will change into the selected card.
  • An many more things to learn...


  • 56 playing cards printed by the USPCC in Bicycle Rider Back.
  • Available in Red and Blue (sold separately)
  • 2 gaff cards included.
  • 4 routines (+ variations) taught in details in English and French.
  • A 30 minutes detailed video.
2022 Release

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Jerry Chandler
I Love This Deck

Having gotten the Index Only decks, these seemed like a good buy in order to add to what I can do with small magic routines. My original plan was to use the entire deck as spare parts for other decks- essentially turning it into a gaff deck -but once I started playing with them I found I liked them for just regular card games. The ease of being able to check any of the four corners when holding the cards or having them face down on the table is great. probably going to have to buy a few more decks to cannibalize for my original plans...

The bonus Queen of Hearts is a great gaff card. That one I'm already using for tricks. You can have a lot of fun having "two" regular Queen of Hearts and on Index Only Queen of Hearts suddenly produce a Queen of Hearts with no indexes.

4 Indexes

These are great cards, however, I only needed a couple of specific cards for a couple of tricks, so I had to buy an entire deck just for two cards.

P. Dennis
Useful Deck for some visual magic

This 4 index Bicycle deck is a welcome addition to the the Index only and No Index Bicycle decks. The provided tutorials give a nice set of possible effects and should get your creative energies going when coupled with the no index and index only decks. Pleased with this purchase. The 52 on 1 gaff is a nice card to have also.

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