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1001 Aladdin Dome Back Playing Cards USPCC

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1001 Aladdin Dome Back Playing Cards USPCC

1001 Aladdin Dome Back Playing Cards

Sold as a set and individually

The National Card Co. began producing the 1001 Aladdin in the so-called "Dome Back" design in the 1880s, and U.S. Playing Card continued to make this design after taking over National until the 1930s, when it was discontinued.

The Dome Back has returned as a custom limited edition deck. 

The deck design might remind some of a spirograph, and the rich, deep colors are very similar to those of a popular casino deck.

The deck has standard Bicycle faces and is poker size. Each deck includes 52 cards, 2 jokers, one card with a blank face, and another card that gives a brief history of the Aladdin playing card. The cards have Bicycle's Air Cushion Finish.

2011 Release

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Awesome style cards

There are many different types of Aladdin Cards. There's the smooth finish version, which i surprisingly like. And this is also a version that demands attention. The dome design is different than the traditional back design of their smooth finish one. The cards handle well and are more designed for magic (evidenced by blank face card, which differs smooth finish one comes with 4 jokers). This is definitely good for gameplay and the air-cushioned finish is definitely the standard you'd expect from USPCC.

Love them

I love these cards! I hate that they’re out of stock, because now I can’t buy more!! Hope to purchase more soon

Wow a nice deck

I'm always late to the game.
I found out about Aladdin cards about a week ago.
I love retro/vintage decks, and this one looked like it was right up my alley.
Wow its good to be right once in awhile.
I had originally wanted to write the back looked like a Spirograph design from the old
gear/ink pen toy. Then, I saw in the description above, that that was mentioned!
Well regardless, it looks great in the fan.
I love the sort of antique colors chosen. The blood-ish red and the cobalt-blue bottle blue.
That REALLY sells the deck.
Nice A of spades card too.
Well, that and the amazing joker card.
The little gnome with I guess an acorn-hammer?.....great.
Makes you want to play games with Jokers, to try and get one.

Christopher Spiegel
Totally Classic.

I’ve had this deck for several months. For one that’s been around a while, & poss printed back in 2011, it’s a delightful surprise. Being fairly soft & buttery out of box. I love the jokers art, the “dome” back design, & overall the entire aesthetic of this classic deck. It’s kind of puzzling why this isn’t sold out or talked about more, and/or featured more in videos etc, as it’s SO affordable & perfect for everyday use/carry.

Great deck

This deck has a cool back design which makes it good for preforming magic and flourishing.This deck handles really well and it is pretty durable. I recommend getting this deck if you’re getting bored of regular rider backs.

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