Top 5 Playing Cards by Sales October 2018

Top 5 Playing Cards by Sales October 2018

No decks from September remain on the top 5. We do have one deck that has appeared on the top 5 before though. 2 new releases made the list this month, but one has already sold out.

5. Blackbeard Bicycle Playing Cards - A new deck from BOCOPO that features famous pirates as skeletons. An interesting color scheme and custom numbered seals.

4. Marked Maiden Back Bicycle Playing Cards - These decks have appeared on the list before and could possibly be one of our best selling decks of 2018. One of the easiest to read, best handling marked decks on the market.

3. Chicken Playing Cards USPCC - This was the first deck I produced and launched on Kickstarter last summer. It wasn't a big hit but does have its fans. We are almost down to our final box and expect to be selling out soon.

2. Cardistry-Con Hong Kong Tally-Ho Playing Cards - Very limited quantity of these decks were available and they sold out in about 8 hours due to high demand as well.

1. Black Ghost Bicycle Playing Cards  - In September we saw the white ghost in the top 5 and last month it is replaced by the black version as our number 1. Must have been a popular deck for Halloween.

What will be on next months Top 5? Will be hard to tell depending on the new releases coming out this month. Maybe one of the new NOC decks or possibly my newest release; Fungi. Also with our upcoming holiday sales it will be hard to tell as some customers will stock up on their favorites.

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