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Popinjay Playing Cards USPCC

$12.99 USD
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Popinjay Playing Cards USPCC

$12.99 USD

Popinjay Playing Cards

A December 2019 Pip Box Club Selection - For more information on joining Pip Box Club click here.

Popinjay, Artiphany's newest deck of cards, is a delightful foray into the elevated world of backyard birds. Each suite is a window into avian activities: owls gaze out through club-shaped peepers and into our very soul; hummingbirds flitter back and forth, their wings blurred and their beaks deep in the nectar of two-petalled blooms; stellar Jay's prance; swans glide. For all nature lovers, bird watchers, and card players. 

  • Printed by USPCC
  • Embossed Finish
  • Art by John Littleboy
  • Semi-Transformation
  • Full Bleed Back
  • 2019 Release

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Love this deck!

I absolutely love the designs of the cards on this deck. The court cards are so colorful and pretty, and the pips are incorporated in such a clever way. The backs of the cards are, however, a bit less interesting than I would like, being quite plain and having the text "Popinjay" on them, making them one way. If you are like me and love birds, get this deck. :D

Elizabeth Nissen
Love the playful and extremely creative design

Bird companion to pack of dogs deck and kitten club deck. Love the playful and extremely creative design and how pips are incorporated into the design, Perfect for bird lovers. Handles well

Красочная колода трасформации.

Очень красочная колода трансформации. Оформление на высшем уровне . джокер с котом насмешил! Всë бы просто замечательно , но надпись на рубашках не лучшее решение.


I love transformation decks. This one is interesting - each suit has an image for the number cards that changes slightly for each number. For example, the clubs have owls on branches, and as the number climbs, more owls have their eyes open to correspond with the number on the card. The picture changes in other ways, too, which makes them entertaining to study. The court cards are colorfully artistic and fun. The one-way, rather plain card backs are perhaps the only drawback, but they are still an excellent addition to any collection, especially if you enjoy birds or transformation decks.

Very Clever and Colorful

This transformation deck is very well done. The pips are very cleverly rendered into bird families on the numbered cards, while the court cards feature edge-to-edge colorful and whimsical bird paintings. Finish and feel are high quality, USPCC. My only quibble with this lovely deck is the addition of the "Popinjay" text to the card backs, making them one-way, which I feel is unnecessary. Tuck box is unembossed but nicely designed.

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