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Satellite Playing Cards

Hi! My name is Katie Morris. I am a UK based cardist, art student and founder of the brand Canvas Cards. Satellite Playing Cards are distinctive, not quite like any other deck. The deck takes a unique, artistic and modern approach to playing card design, featuring 56 completely different backs and faces.

I initially encountered the idea for this deck whilst cutting out aerial perspective images of the earth for an art project. I noticed particular areas of the cuttings were intriguing and included a variety of colours, patterns, shapes and textures; these being many elements which help to shape a successful deck of cards.

After experimenting with a handmade prototype deck, I knew that this would make a phenomenal final product. Satellite Playing Cards' artistic essence makes this deck extremely visual,  adding a refreshing new flavour to your cardistry and/or card collection.

With some help from our friends over at NASA, we were able to skew satellite images of earth from space and create false colour composites of interesting areas from within each image. This resulted in a fully custom deck of playing cards with 56 different backs and faces. Although every card is different, they retain the same theme. This means that all the cards still correlate, just in a unique way from your standard deck. 

Each card holds a different ambience from the next. The wide diversity of design elements such as line, shape, value, form, texture, and colour means that you can appreciate each separate card back as a piece of artwork in its own right.

All the backs are one way, however, there is no correct orientation to the designs. Turning the card around will give it an entirely new look! The direction and combination of the contrasting card backs are continually changing - every time you shuffle or fan these cards, a unique sequence of back designs manifest.

For the face cards, we wanted to continue the deck's 'satellite' theme, without taking away from the classic playing card elements. One pip on each face has been replaced with a satellite overlay in the shape of the pip. This means all the faces are highlighted with an enhancing twist, yet still hold their standard playing card form.

The ace cards also continue the satellite themed pips. Each ace has an enlarged, bold and energetic pip. The aces are truly prominent - just a glimpse at one of these pips will instantaneously draw attention to your deck of Satellite Playing Cards.

A similar approach has been taken with the court cards. Both pips have been replaced with a satellite overlay in the shape of the pips. All 12 court cards are highlighted by pips which feature individual designs similar to the card backs.

From the second you remove the cards from their box, this deck instantly pops. The primarily dark tuck box contrasts with the cards inside which are bursting with vibrant colours. This constructs an element of mystery - the contents of the box are unknown until opened. The tuck is minimal, yet striking and includes no text. This has been done to continue and strengthen the artistic identity of Satellite Playing Cards.

The globe graphic presented in the bottom right corner of the front of the box, alongside the satellite graphic at the top of the tuck box subtly hint at the deck's subject, without giving away too much.

The first joker card displays a satellite graphic. The second joker displays a graphic of three satellite dishes. The satellite overlays on these jokers assist in reinforcing the deck's theme throughout every single card.

2021 Release

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