666 Greedy Gold & Skeletal Silver Gilded Playing Cards 2 Deck Set

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666 Greedy Gold & Skeletal Silver Gilded Playing Cards

2 Deck Set - Very Rare Gilded Version

Together we’ve been to Hell and back again, and no other place has such great souvenirs. From the vast depths of the 9th circle, We have once again teamed up with pnkmgc (Punk Magic) to unearth for you a smelted trove of 666 GREEDY GOLD and 666 SKELETAL SILVER.

Wide are the gates that flew open with the first edition release of 666 Crimson Flare and Cobalt Blue. A 2666 deck run wasn’t enough to meet the demand. So we conjured up the Purple Inferno and Emerald Hellfire editions - a second run, but with a new twist of color, and a bonus back design option carefully reinvented because, well, we get you, we’re collectors too.

That said, no one could have guessed so many people were so hell-bent on making this series one of the most popular lines in the entire Riffle Shuffle catalogue. Now, after many a sacrifice to appease the Beast, we’ve chalked our pentagrams onto the floor, re-lit the caked-on candles, and summoned forth the third editions of the iconic 666 Cold Foil Playing Cards. We hope you still have some room on your altar for everything that’s new.

  • Two Brand New Editions: GREEDY GOLD & SKELETAL SILVER
  • Back Design utilizes COLD FOIL printing technology
  • Featuring Black & Gold/Silver premium foils on each side of the Tuck Case
  • Premium 330gsm Matte Finish Black Tuck Case with Embossing
  • Limited to 299 Decks Each with Foiled Number Seal
  • Manufactured by Cartamundi, featuring their Advanced COLD FOIL Printing Technology on the Back Design with their premium Slimline Paper Stock & B9 True Linen Finish.
  • 2021 Release