Faro Vintage Reproduction Prototype Playing Cards MPC

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Faro Vintage Reproduction Prototype

A January 2019 Pip Box Club Selection - For more information on joining Pip Box Club click here.

The goal of this deck was to create an authentic looking faro deck from the late 19th century and I would say we have come pretty close. 

Over the past couple years we have had several customers ask for a deck like this with no indexes, whether it be as a prop, decoration, for novelty game play or themed gambling routines. We were not able to find anything modern to supply them with, so we finally decided to create it our self.

All of the art was recreated from scratch based on hi-resolution photographs from the 1895 Russel & Morgan Faro Deck. In the future you may see a reproduction of those decks with the R & M branding printed by USPCC, but in the mean time please enjoy this highly collectible deck.


  • Printed by MPC on High Quality Card Stock
  • Smooth Ivory Finish
  • Art by Azured Ox
  • Produced by Will Roya
  • Matte Tuck Case
  • Tax Stamp Tuck Seal
  • Subtle One-Way Back
  • Custom Ace of Spades & Duplicate
  • Custom Jokers with Reveal
  • Limited Edition of 500
  • 2019 Release

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