Innocence Playing Cards USPCC

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Innocence Playing Cards is the third USPCC deck release from the lead graphic designer of the Orbit Deck, Daniel Schneider. 

Extremely detailed dot drawings, in combination with familiar looking face cards, astonish without giving you the feel of an overloaded deck of cards. 
A very close friend of Daniel drew the woman you see on the back design more as a sketch. 
She showed it to him and he loved it. A picture is worth a thousand words and this is the best example of it. 
Daniel couldn't resist. He had to design a deck around it. 
Even though the face cards of this deck look like standard USPCC courts, the pips are slightly different. 
The court cards have reduced colors in black, grey, and red to match to the rest of the design. 
One of the two Jokers reveals an Ace of Hearts. Perfect for your magic routine. 
Also included is an 8 of Spades duplicate with a gold metallic inked back. 

Limited to 2500 decks. Pick up a deck or two before they are all gone.

2018 Release.

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