USA Posters of World Wars I & II Playing Cards USGS

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USA Posters of World Wars I & II Playing Cards

This patriotic deck features full-color posters from military recruitment campaign ads and wartime public service programs. The cards showcase morale-boating slogans exhorting citizens to support the war effort by buying war bonds and growing victory gardens. Many of the enlistment posters are familiar and iconic, including the original Uncle Sam poster stating "I want YOU for U.S. Army" and Rosy the Riveter proclaiming "We Can Do it!" Each card in this patriotic collection of 54 cards replicates a different historic poster. This nostalgic deck is perfect for military history buffs, card collectors, and poker players. The 54-card poker deck includes 2 Jokers and is suitable for most card games.

These poker size playing cards are published by US Games Systems.

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