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Tactical Field v2 Bicycle Playing Cards

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Tactical Field v2 Bicycle Playing Cards

Tactical Field v2 Bicycle Playing Cards

Available as a set or individually.

The Bicycle® Tactical Field Playing Cards are a highly specialized deck printed in muted camouflaged colors for tactical situations, military use, and more. These unique cards come in a camouflaged printed tuck. The Bicycle brand delivers classic playing cards and memorable experiences that players can trust, based on a long-standing tradition of producing quality product that brings people together.

  • Printed on premium Bicycle® brand card stock
  • Classic Air-Cushion Finish® for ease of shuffling and optimum performance
  • Made in USA
  • 2019 Release


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Now in brown!

I got these to match my original v1 tactical field decks. I do prefer the more utilitarian design of the old tuck cases but these are fine. Cards inside are classic bikes and are now green/brown, instead of green/black. At least you can tell which deck is which.

A niche little Bicycle deck for those that prefer the look of camo

The Bicycle Tactical Field v2 is a quaint little deck that delivers exactly what is promised. It is a standard Bicycle deck with a bit of a camo flair. The feel is good and handles like a quality Bike deck. Obviously, this can be placed into any existing Bicycle collection and used with ease in magic routines. The camo offers a niche focus for those in your life that hunt or have a tactical lean to them.

Стандарт в новом цвете

Стандартная качественная колода карт в новом цвете . Разнообразие цветов рубашки карт это очень хорошее решение , и не надо изобретать ничего нового .

Your Card-Carrying Camo Ammo

Every few days, I receive compliments from strangers for the Pencott camouflage backpack I use at work. An uncommon camo pattern, it is also waterproof and infrared treated. I wondered: what if I could add a tactical deck as part of my EDC? Bicycle's Tactical Field decks fit the bill.

*NOTE: I don't believe these are waterproof, so I do keep them away from rain. Still, the cards have special printing allowing one to see the red cards in red-light environments.

I ordered Desert Brown decks from PlayingCardDecks to go with my backpack colors, but it is possible to order green (the box is similar to Multicam/Woodland) if you so desire.

Can it be used as ammo? No. Does it substitute for an MRE? No. Place it in your IFAK? No. It is truly for the rare R&R.

Unique Deck

Bought this deck due to a recommendation from a friend. Was not disappointed. Lots of fun to use. We took them camping and tried the red light on them. The kids thought it was a lot of fun and brought some laughs to game night.

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