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King Of Tigers Playing Cards LPCC

$12.99 USD
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King Of Tigers Playing Cards LPCC

$12.99 USD

King Of Tigers Playing Cards

The KING of TIGERS Gold Playing Cards:

The back card for the KING of TIGERS Gold deck features a striking and symmetrical pattern that's printed with a Gold Holographic effects foil, resulting in a wild and adventurous look!

The pattern for the back card extends out to the edges, creating a mesmerizing borderless design.

Printed by Legends Playing Card Co., with their China printer, the KING of TIGERS Gold deck utilizes their exceptional classic finish. The KING of TIGERS tuck box features black foil, gold holographic effects foil and a clear spot UV that's interspersed with silver glitter flakes. Besides a gorgeous look, the tuck box has a unique physical texture to it.

The bold Tiger face on the tucks includes a subtle horseshoe mustache (a nod to the crazy source of inspiration).

2020 Release

Customer Reviews

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chris kinkead

these cards are so shinny! the custom pips are detailed and carry all the way through the deck. the tuck box is embossed.

From prolific designer Randy Butterfield

Randy Butterfield is a prolific designer of custom playing cards, with a very versatile style. This is one of his most recent decks, and represents a more flashy style. If you're looking for a deck with bling, this is it. The card backs have a borderless tiger skin pattern, which has been printed with some of the latest technology that makes use of foil for a truly eye-catching look. The tuck box is even more glamorous. While the court cards are clearly inspired by traditional courts, the Jokers bring back the tiger theme strongly, and the tiger skin look recurs throughout the deck.

Tiger King

In the wake of "Tiger King" this deck screams exotic and unique. I absolutely love the design and the "bling" factor. The cards handle pretty well and pops when shuffled, fanned, spun, and flicked in the air. This deck definitely could be a little too tacky for some, but I do like the design of this deck. My only issue is that due to the foil on this deck, after intense use, you start seeing markings and chips on the back of the cards. Granted you can say that about every deck after use, but it's especially noticeable on these. I've been using these cards for a couple days and see the back being worn down a little bit.

Brad Bailey
King of Bling

This deck is all about bling, and it has it in spades. It is flashy and gaudy, It really puts some of the new printing technology on showcase. You probably will need to wear sunglasses though when using it on game night.

Not Bad

Overall a good deck. Beautiful back design. Pips have eye catching design. Cards are somewhat stiff that may make cardistry difficult. Court cards all have the tiger print that adds to the deck. Eye catching ace of spades. Worth the price

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