Crossed Keys v2 Marked Playing Cards USPCC

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Crossed Keys v2 Marked Playing Cards

An August 2022 Pip Box Club Selection - For more information on joining Pip Box Club click here

What's new in the 2nd edition? Crossed Keys are now printed on USPCC Crushed Stock, instead of Cartamundi E7 (that was used in the 1st edition), with 2 new gaff cards that can be used in an upcoming Peter Turner release.


The Crossed Keys are the ancient iconography for the gates of heaven. Inverted, the keys represent the gates of hell. It's this strong symbol of power that pairs perfectly with Peter Turner's mentalism work. In the right hands, his techniques can be used for enlightenment, for entertainment, for good. In the wrong hands, the powerful secrets he's created can be used for misleading people, for creating belief... for evil. It's with this power in mind that The Crossed Keys deck stands resolute.


"You are what you hide"


The untapped potential of this expertly-marked deck is adorned with references to hidden knowledge. Edwardian green cards are gifted with metallic gold inks, for the details to shimmer in even the dimmest of light.


The tuck box is subtly wrapped in gold foil, so it won't distract those who aren't paying attention but will impress those who do. The Crossed Keys deck was designed in USPCC Crushed stock for sustained use. They're durable, without being clunky. Get your Crossed Keys decks today. 

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2022 Release

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