Deep Forest Gilded Bicycle Playing Cards

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Deep Forest Bicycle Playing Cards

Limited to 150 with numbered seal.

We are inviting you to enter a deep forest and meet the mythical beasts that hide inside of it. However, it is no ordinary forest. In here, everything consists of countless of floating shapes and nothing is as it seems on the first sight.

Featuring stunning 3D visuals from the artist Omar Aqil. Omar’s source of inspiration lays in his studies of Picasso’s cubist rendition of reality. Many have been inspired by his work, but Omar thought of a new way of rendering the vision of Picasso, using modern technology.

The front of the tuck case throws you right into the dream-like world of the Bicycle deck. Colourful 3D geometric shapes in the calming hues of violet, orange, or pink are organised into clusters, forming various surrealist compositions.

Out of the medley of shapes, the face of a majestic lion gazes at you calmly. Among the images is the name of the deck, written in a signature font in a violet hue.

The backs of the cards are designed to match the box, repeating the image of a lion. However, this time the image is mirrored to create a symmetrical pattern that offers a satisfying effect as you shuffle the cards.

The vibrant colours bring the design alive and you can almost hear the lion groaning softly as it watches you enter the forest.

As you walk through the deep forest, you can make out the outlines of different creatures. As the leaves part, animals like deer, bears, rhinos and tropical birds come out to the light. They are all assembled using balls, cylinders and other spatial elements. The heads of the animals are surrounded by surreal leaves, branches and clouds, adding to the impression of them peeking out of thick foliage.

The number cards will surprise you with their unique three-dimensional design. Each suit is presented in a different colour on a white background, giving the cards a fun, but clean look. The images of the suits are complemented with numbers in a 3D rendition.

A dreamy rendition of a spade presides over the Ace of Spades card. Its design is consistent with the spade number cards, with added natural elements enveloping the spade in a mysterious forest mood.

The Jokers present another surrealist mask-like face in calming hues of forest green. The face is surrounded by leaves, splashes of red and small clouds floating around its solemn expression.

2020 Release