Jetsetter Janet Jet Black Playing Cards EPCC

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LIMITED PREMIER EDITION IN JET BLACK (JANET): An original and limited deck, Jetsetter Playing Cards has produced the Limited Premier Edition to pay direct homage to the most secret airline in the United States. This so-called airline transports employees of Area 51 from Las Vegas directly into the highly guarded top-secret facility. Their airplanes are unmarked aside from the bold red stripe down the fuselage. You will find this same bold red stripe on the tuck box of the Limited Premier Edition, making this deck truly special. From the tuck box, you will pull out cards with the Jet Black colorway back design. This is a nod to the 'black projects' that typically come out of Area 51. The playing cards showcase re-colored standard faces along with a classic and casino-inspired back design. Rather than a pair of Jokers, you will find a blank card and double backer card. The cards are traditionally cut to provide the ability to weave or Faro shuffle facedown. The tuck box exhibits premium features with clear UV spot varnish and silver foil accents. Only 500 decks were produced with this special and unique tuck box. Each deck has a custom and individually-numbered seal.
2018 Release

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