Exquisite 8teen Playing Cards EPCC

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Exquisite 8teen Playing Cards

Expert Playing Card Company has introduced many innovative features over the years including hot foil on cards, cold foil on cards, flood foil, synthetic tucks and much more. With the release of 8teen the Exquisite brand adds one more new innovation!

After years of searching and trying to accomplish this EPCC has finally managed to print an 18 color deck! That’s right! With an astonishing and unique printing press Expert can now print 9 PMS colors per side! This is a big deal!

This deck is limited to only 500 decks and each is numbered on it’s seal. Each side of the cards are printed 9 PMS and the tuck is also printed 9 PMS outside and 9 PMS inside!

Get a pack of these beauties while you can!

2021 Release

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