Ellusionist E-Team Deck Playing Cards USPCC

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Ellusionist E-Team Deck Playing Cards

  • This is Ellusionists 'Ultimate deck' celebrating everything they have done since 2001 - this deck contains more magic & cleverness than anything they have previously mentioned. To those in the know you will find every card makes a reference to their past magic & magicians. Only those who own this Ultimate E Team Deck will be in know.
  • "Classy Simple-uncomplicated elegant back design" "This Ultimate Ellusionist Deck contains many of the top secretes and features of their other premier lines of playing cards - referencing many of the magicians over the years"
  • THIS DECK HAS MORE SECRETS THAN A SWISS ARMY KNIFE HAS TOOLS! This secretive deck previously only available to Ellusionist Team Staff is out in the WILD !!!!
  • Ellusionist E Deck shh.... you know what this is....