Archangels Bicycle Playing Cards

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Archangels Bicycle Playing Cards

Inspired by mythology and illustrated by hand, Archangel Playing Cards represent a new level of elegance in playing card design. 

The design was produced by theory11 and illustrated by Tom Lane in the United Kingdom.

The design itself required six months of intricate, pen-and-ink illustration. The result: breathtaking.

The back design is the crown jewel of the Archangel deck. The closer you look, the more detail you will find. Archangels showcase a juxtaposition of good and evil, darkness and light, night and day, and angels battling demons. 

Archangels contain original artwork on the Ace of Spades, Joker, back design, and box. On the box, embossed ridges provide a unique feel that accent majestic gold foil across each face.

These Bicycle® decks are made in the USA and feature the patented air-cushioned finish, softly beveled edges, and sandwich construction for enhanced game play.

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