Bloodlines Gilded Playing Cards 2 Deck Set

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Bloodlines Gilded Playing Cards

Only 75 of each made, numbered seals.

Here we are with a brand-new deck, this time from the talented graphic designer Gregory Darroll. Gregory's fresh, fun illustration style permeates into the whole Bloodlines deck. 

The images are cleverly broken down into multi-faceted geometrical grits. Each shape is filled in with a pop of basic color, encircled with a thick outline, giving the whole design a look of stained glass of a cathedral. However, this deck is far from being as motionless as s glass panel. In fact, all of the small details come together in a dynamic design that is sure to attract many looks.

The box will be printed with Premium Cotton Paper and the box will be Embossed on all sides. surprises with a stained-glass looking surface with many details, broken down into 4 sections. Each of them consists of a geometric rendition of each of the suits, separately. The middle bears the name “Bloodlines” in a fun font, matching the rest of the image. The name sits in between two decorative panels with an art-deco looking feather pattern.

Gregory has chosen a refreshing combination of hues of green and yellow lined with a dark green line for the green deck and warmer tones of red and yellow with a pop of aquamarine with burgundy lining for the red deck. Upon opening the box, you will discover a lovely “Good Luck” message on the inner flap and two decorative skulls on the smaller flaps.

The backs of the cards feature a symmetrical design presided over by two decorative skulls organized in two opposing arches. The four rectangles with images of suits that we saw on the box are smaller and pushed to the corners. The sculls are holding up their hands, each of them showing one of the colours of the whole design. Everything is outlined to perfection and ready to be played with.

Unlike the backs of the cards, the court cards have a refreshing thick white frame. Each of the court card designs truly makes you feel like you are looking at a beautifully colorful tinted glass panel, complete with depictions of Kings, Queens and Jacks. The cards feature a small sign of the suits and a letter, all broken down to the smallest colorful sections.

The number of cards is designed in a much more classic way. However, if you look closely at the seemingly simple images, you will notice, that even the elements of these cards are matching the fun style of the rest of the deck.

The aces take a closer look at each of the geometric renditions of the suits. The closeup versions of them let you observe the careful details of each of the ornaments.

Just when you thought that you have seen it all, the deck surprises you again with the fierce design of the Jokers. The skulls from the back sides of the cards are dressed up in Aztec king looking attire, are each proudly holding two axes.

2019 Release

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