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The History Of Card Games In Casino


By Brandi Marcene

Anyone who loves card games is familiar with what a casino is, even if they never visited one. It is basically a facility for specific games for gambling purposes. They are easily found near hotels and restaurants so that it is convenient for its players. Gamblers and card game lovers play multiple games in casinos that have evolved over the years. Card games have great popularity as players find them more fun. Also, luck is not the only element in these games; players have to use their skills.

A card game is typically any game played using a pack of cards. With just one deck in hand, players can play many family-friendly games, and some are casino favorites (best for gambling). Most famous card games played at a casino include blackjack, poker, baccarat, and rummy.

However, there is much more to learn regarding the history of card games in casinos, so let's look further into it.

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The History Of Casino And Card Games

Card games in casinos have to be the most popular games on earth. As we mentioned before, they have a great history behind them. If you wonder when and who played these games for the first time, the answer isn't that simple. Many experts believe card games came from Central Asia; the Chinese used a form of paper to play games such as dominoes in the 10th century.

Other than this, in the 10th century, many historians believe the first modern four-suit deck was the idea of Mamluks, slaves who worked as soldiers for the Muslim leaders of Greater Khorasan. They came up with a game called nayb in which they used a particular set of cards known as Muluk Wa-Nawwab. Apparently, these slaves came up with the original idea and patter of what a deck should look like.

Another story behind the history of card games links it to the Europeans instead. The difference during that time was the suits; instead of hearts, diamonds, clubs, and spades, they used coins, cups, swords, and sticks as the suit signs.

Now, if we discuss the history of card games and its involvement with casinos, a study shows that gambling was a popular activity even back in 600 BCE. However, the link between card games and casinos grew when casinos moved from back streets to legitimate venues. This change in the casino industry allowed more people to freely join in a game of cards to earn some winnings.

Card Material

The cards used in casinos come in various materials; for instance, you can buy them in plastic, vinyl, and paper. However, the most common type of cards used in casinos is the plastic ones due to the durability and reliability they have.

It was the Americans that produced the modern deck of cards we all are familiar with. In the 18th century, the material of game cards improved a lot, such as varnished surfaces for better shuffling and robust material for durability.

In the 19th century, the playing cards featured designs on the back. The purpose was to avoid any chance of cheating when the card wore out and gave an indication of its true identity.

The History Of The Games

Honestly, once you read into how these games came into existence and evolved over the years, you will feel more fascinated. Millions of people around the world from different countries and cultures love these games. It doesn't even matter how old you are and whether or not you want to gamble. These games bring excitement and offer a great way to pass the time.


You can play countless card games in casinos; however, the most popular games played at the casino are blackjack and poker. A theory involving blackjack says that it was a game played by the French in the 17th century. Even though it went by the name vingt et un, the rules and structure of the game resemble modern-day blackjack.

However, there were some minor differences, such as the dealer was allowed to double up, and the betting methods were quite different too. Almost everyone, especially those who love to gamble, is familiar with the modern-day blackjack card game. This game, also called Comparing Card Game, is the most popular and favorite game played in the casinos today.


Poker, on the other hand, was first introduced by the Americans in the 19th century. The difference between modern-day poker and poker in the 19th century was the number of cards. At that time, each player used to get five cards from a deck of 20 cards.

This game was very popular amongst workers on boats as it was a great way to pass the time and earn some coins on the side. Gamblers also used to play in saloons. However, over the years, the casinos further developed, and players began using a pack of 52 cards instead of 20.

Other than this, they set a certain set of rules and points for each card to make it more interesting. Poker, however, didn't stay just in the casinos. It also made its way onto television due to series like "World Series of Poker" in the 70s. Now poker has also entered the digital landscape and online sites where you can simply become a permanent guest and play poker whenever you want to make some earnings.


Imagine a world without playing cards or casinos, if you are a gaming freak, you can't, right? Well, this is because we have grown fond of these card games as they bring us a different level of excitement.

The history behind the card games and the development of casinos is always an interesting topic for card lovers. So, if you desire to find out more about modern-day card games and the rules, visit the link here.

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Steve on 2023,03,01

What casino (in Vegas, or in the world) was the first to issue a custom-made deck of playing cards with their name on the back of the cards? And when? Thanks.

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