Henderson, NV, February 07, 2018 – Having been a performer and retailer for years now, Will Roya, the owner of in Henderson, Nevada has launched a new Kickstarter campaign for what can only be described as the legendary side of playing cards. Instead of royalty, you get to see monsters, creatures, and mythical beings that usually only appear in books, films and nightmares. This deck will be released under the Bicycle Playing Cards brand.

The artist behind the shocking and addictive images featured on the playing cards is Joe Ruiz, a native to the Sonoran Desert of Arizona. He took his skills as an artist and applied them at the San Francisco Art Institute of California, where he received traditional art training. In 2013, he began experimenting with digital platforms, which only broadened his horizons and led him to this point. According to Ruiz, it has always been a passion to draw humorous illustrations, and he can add it to an extensive list of experiences.

Among other projects, Ruiz has been involved with children's books, logos, medical manuals, product packaging, humorous literature, textbook art, and of course his latest project, monster playing cards. The latter sees him creating special packs for clients across the globe, and it is also what the Kickstarter campaign is all about.

At the moment, Roya is offering a collectible, custom-made pack that features four different monster themes across a 52-card deck, including two jokers and two gaff cards. The cartoon style, font choice, and color combinations work great together, resulting in the perfect set of cards for Halloween. And whether the owner of the spooky cards wants to do tricks or play games, they are created to be used either way.

To give you an idea of what to expect, the royal family of clubs is turned into water dwellers, while the hearts royal family has transitioned into the undead. The spades are replaced with vampires and werewolves, and the diamonds are represented by monster aliens and demons.

There are different packages and rewards available for those who want to support the Monster Deck campaign by And to safeguard the cards, a custom designed box is included. Take note that only a certain amount of cards will be printed and the aim is to make them collectibles.

This is another one of successful Kickstarter playing card deck launches, being more than half funded after only 24 hours. People interested in funding the launch or seeing the card designs can visit the Kickstarter Monster playing card deck launch page at connect with on Facebook. There are also a very limited number of prototype decks for sale on for customers who don’t want to wait for the official print run.

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