Pip Box Club Announced!

Pip Box Club Announced!

Please join the Facebook group if you are interested:


Pip Box Club is a monthly subscription service to provide you with surprise awesome decks, samples, discounts & more!

We need your help to make the club a reality. We need at least 100 very interested potential members to launch this service. Joining this group is the first step. Please read the proposed membership levels and benefits and give us any feedback. We want to create the best value for our members while still making the club economically and logistically feasible for long term success.

Big Blind Subscription Level Benefits:

Includes 3 decks, at least 1 deck will be a new release (in last 2 months), 1 will be a newer release (within last year) and 1 may be a blast from the past. At least 2 of the decks will be printed by USPCC and at least 1 deck will be Bicycle branded.

Box will also include sample cards from new released decks in the last month.

A monthly 15% discount code valid for 1 time use on entire purchase at PlayingCardDecks.com.

Access to special unlisted products (uncut sheets, limited decks, etc), contests and more.

Cost: $30 USA, $40 Canada, ROW $45

Big Blind Double Up-Option:

All of the same benefits but you get 2 of each deck.

Cost: $50 USA, $65 Canada, ROW $70

Small Blind Subscription Level Benefits:

You get all the benefits of the of the big blind level but will only receive the new release deck with the single card samples.

Cost: $15 USA, $20 Canada, $25 ROW

Small Blind Double Up-Option:

All of the benefits above but you will get an extra duplicate deck.

Cost: $25 USA, $30 Canada, $35 ROW

Other notes:

Membership fee includes shipping cost, duty prepaid in Canada, but not other countries.

Membership will be limited to the following international countries to start: Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden, France, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Japan, Israel, Malaysia, Singapore, United Kingdom, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Gibraltar, Russia, Poland, Austria, Greece, Norway.

The new deck will not be one of the decks we launch on Kickstarter as we do not want discourage members from backing our projects there, but we may include a deck from another ks project or one of our older decks may be included in the box as a blast from the past deck.

If we can grow the membership to over 500 members we may have the ability to offer exclusive releases to the club first.

If one of the deck selections comes in multiple editions, the selection of the edition in your box will be random, unless you have chosen the double up option, then you will receive 2 different editions.

Membership will be billed monthly on the 1st of every month and the box will be sent out within the first 10 days of the month. You may cancel anytime as long as it is by the 25th of the month to not receive the next box.

1 year memberships will be offered and given 1 month free. Cancel anytime and receive a pro-rated refund. The free month is credited at the end of the one year cycle.

We also have an idea for a lifetime membership if anyone is interested in that option.

If we do not receive enough interest in the club by the summer we may launch a Kickstarter campaign to garner support.

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Chris on 2018,03,28

This sounds awesome!

Len Friscia on 2018,03,25

I’m in

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