4 Situations When You Should Use Special Playing Card Decks

4 Situations When You Should Use Special Playing Card Decks

A deck of playing cards is a common household item, and many people don't pay much attention to them. The card decks you find at many retailers are mass produced and often have an uninspired design. These inexpensive card decks are adequate for all night poker sessions where you don't care if the cards get ruined. However, there will be situations where you want a deck of playing cards that are unique and made from higher-quality materials. Here are four circumstances when you may want a specialized deck of playing cards.

4 Situations When You Should Use Special Playing Card Decks

Theme-Based Room Decorations

When decorating a room or picking out a gift, the design on a deck of cards can be a chance for self-expression. If you look at the selection of cards at PlayingCardDecks.com, you can see there are many unique design options and styles from which to choose. You can select a deck that features your favorite animal or a pack that is military themed. You are sure to find a set that matches the theme and style you need for home decor or a gift. If you know a card collector, you can order sealed, numbered deck packs from limited edition sets that would be a great addition to any collection. 

Magician Razzle Dazzle

Card tricks are a staple of magicians, and they are among the first tricks an illusionist learns. Card tricks require magicians to use all of their skills, such as sleight of hand and misdirection, to hide the secrets of their method from the audience. A well-designed deck of cards can play a significant role in getting an audience to buy-in to the trick. At PlayingCardDecks.com, we have Ellusionists brand playing cards that are designed to build the illusion of a magic trick. For example, a card trick that's supposed to be spooky could use the black Shadow Masters playing card deck. Merely having a unique design that catches the audiences eye is enough to misdirect them for the split second a magician needs to make a trick happen. 

Licensed Playing Card Decks

A licensed deck of playing cards makes a great gift for someone who is a fan of a franchised property. PlayingCardDecks.com has cards based on classic characters, tv shows, comics, books, movies, and more. We have a very diverse selection of licensed cards. Some are based on ordinary things like Jack Daniels and Coca Cola. We also have cards based on famous movies, such as Gremlins and Jurassic Park. Some of the designs are for things you may never have considered getting on a card, such as our decks for Saturday Night Live or Jimmy Fallon. If you are looking for something that a fan would love but doesn't already own, our licensed playing cards are an idea worth considering.

Tarot and Oracle Card Decks

Custom designed decks of cards are also good to have when using Tarot and Oracle cards for readings. Throughout the history of these cards, the designs have changed to suit the users. Using a stock set of Tarot or Oracle cards takes away from the experience from the person getting the reading. With a set of Tarot or Oracle cards from PlayingCardDecks.com, you can give a more personalized reading to your audience. The way cards look affects how people perceive them. Using a stylized deck can help your audience see the correct message from your reading.

Whatever the purpose, if you’re looking for high-quality playing cards, PlayingCardsDecks.com has everything you need. Our cards make great gifts for your family and friends, and if you don’t know which deck they would like, you can always give them a gift card. Visit our shop to see our selection and contact us if you need help finding something special.

What are you favorite uses for custom playing cards?

Last update date: 06/28/19

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