Vintage Reproduction Add-Ons For KS Backers Only

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Very Important - Please Read

You have 4 options to add on items:

  • Additional deck
  • Additional gilded deck
  • Upgrade an existing pledged for deck to gilding
  • Uncut Sheet

You will not be charged an additional shipping fee for any add-ons regardless of location.

You are able to choose from the following deck options from my 2 most recent KS projects and let me know in the survey which add-ons / upgrades you choose. Here are the decks / uncuts to choose from.

  • Vintage faro red
  • Vintage faro blue
  • Vanity clown back
  • Vanity hobgoblin back
  • Hustling Joe frog back
  • Hustling Joe gnome back
  • Ye witches 1-way back
  • Ye witches 2-way back

Very important that when you receive the survey (August 30) that you mention if you added on items via KS or PCD so we are able to confirm everything and remember to let me know what decks / uncuts you wanted.

If you pledged for both the campaigns please fill out both surveys.

Adding on gilded decks will delay your reward shipping by about 2 months.

Any questions or concern please feel free to contact me.