Magic Tricks R 4 Kids #2 DVD

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If you are a kid who wants to learn magic look no further than Magic Tricks R 4 Kids!  On this exciting DVD series professional Las Vegasmagicians Will Roya & Joan DuKore are going to teach you some of the most amazing magic tricks that you will be able to perform for your family and friends with little or no practice.  From the basics of magic to some of their all time favorite tricks, you’ll be able to watch, learn and perform along with 20 other kids!  

Volume 2 Contents: 

  • Clairvoyance Crayon 
  • Rubber Band Levitation 
  • Double Arm Twister 
  • Nose it All 
  • Sleight of Mind
  • Mental Card Prediction 
  • Card Rises to the Top 
  • Quick 96 Card Trick 
  • Ace Assembly #1 
  • Ace Assembly #2 
  • Slop Shuffle 
  • Fielding West Intro 
  • Popping Off the Thumb 
  • Spoon Bending
  • Grandma’s Brassier 
  • Coin Thru Pocket
  • Bonus Trick: Rabbit Paddle
  • Exras:  Interview with Joan & More! 
For Ages 7 & Up
Full Screen Format – 4:3 Aspect Ratio 
DVD is not Regionally Coded, Worldwide Playback