Chivalry Gold & Silver 2 Deck Set Bundle Playing Cards

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The creators of the popular Noble deck are back with their second deck concept, CHIVALRY. A unique and stylish tribute to medieval ornamentation and knightly piety in the form of limited, embossed, metal foiled and sealed poker playing cards. Printed by LPCC. 

A medieval deck has taken form in the hands of the royal court masters. A tribute to knightly piety, bravery and the ceremonial jousts are brought to the table in highly detailed Code of Arms. The Knights of the Realm are depicted in honor of their duties and loyalty to the great King by having their iconic helmets illustrated on the court cards.  

Limited Edition (2 x 1,250 decks) 
Gold and silver foil decorated tucks 
Embossed and deluxe matte tuck cases 
Interior tuck layout
Printed by the NPCC 
Emerald Finish stock for great handling 
Ornamented tuck seals – Individually Numbered
2 deck variations (Gold and Silver Edition.) 
100% custom decks of 52+2 cards 
(63mm x 88mm, 2,5" x 3,5") poker size playing cards 

Please note that the individual numbered seals may not match.