Cats Vintage Congress Playing Cards 2 Deck Set Bridge Size Regular Index

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 A double deck of bridge (narrow) size playing cards from Congress Playing Cards.

Since 1881, the US Playing Card Company has been the industry standard in playing cards and they have been making bridge size cards since then. This Congress double deck set is perfect for any social gathering where you want something more fashionable and stylish.  Congress cards are sold in sets of two decks: each deck bearing art complementary to the other to allow for the common bridge practice of pre-shuffling an alternate deck for the next hand while the one deck is in play.  Contrasting gold and silver back borders for easy sorting after playing 2 deck games. 

Great for any standard card games like Rummy, Canasta, Euchre, Poker. Bridge players will also love the two different designs. 

Includes Clear Hard Plastic Display Box.