Brainwave Deck

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The Brainwave Deck is one of the most awe-inspiring and EASY effects we carry! Let your spectator FREELY name ANY CARD- no force, no funny stuff, truly ANY CARD. Take the deck out of your pocket, fan out the cards, and the chosen card is the ONLY CARD that is face up in the deck! Not only that- when your spectator removes the card from the deck and turns it over- it has a DIFFERENT COLOR BACK! And YES- YOU CAN REPEAT IT IMMEDIATELY with no resetting, no fuss!

Sounds unbelievable, doesn't it? But what is really astounding is just HOW EASY this one is to perform! If you can spread a deck of cards, you can do the trick!

BONUS! If you like to learn by watching a video, and you'd also like to learn MORE tricks you can do with this fantastic deck, you'll get a link to a secret online video FREE when you buy this deck. The video is ONLY available to customers who own the Classic Brainwave Deck. Don't miss this chance to make a jawdropping trick even more astounding!