Bicycle ESP Test Deck with DVD

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Welcome to EXTRASENSORY PERCEPTION using the ESP Test Deck. The instructional DVD with teach you the most amazing ESP effects and routines. Accomplished Mentalist, Rudy T. Hunter, along with Marty Grams will teach you step-by-step everything you need to know about using the ESP Test Deck. This deck will enable you to perform metalism, parapsychology and even magic tricks!

Full 56 Card Deck containing:

2 Black Full Sets of Five Standard Cards

(circle, cross, wavy lines, square, star)

2 Red Full Sets

2 Blue Full Sets

2 Green Full Sets

1 Orange Full Set

1 Yellow Full Set

Bonus Cards:

6 Additional Cards, each representing a number between 6 and 11

Featured on this DVD:

-Overview of the Deck

-The Basics

-The Shiner

-Encore Card Stab


-Marty Grams: ESP Mind Reading

-Rudy T. Hunter: The Prediction

-The Box Prediction

-The Bet

-Pre-Show Effect

-Match, No Match

-The Vibe

-Two of a Kind

-Ultimate Match-Up

-Rudy T. Hunter's Simple Easy ESP

-Out of this World

-Black and Blue

 DVD is Not Regionally Coded.  Worldwide Playback.