Bad Ass Spades & Grenades Playing Cards Deck

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Whether you're betting your motorcycle on a high-stakes game of Texas Hold 'Em with a barracks rec room full of pissed-off, cigar-chomping Navy SEALs, training a trio of rabid grizzly bears the intricate details of a hand of Hearts, or just running a lucratively-illegal three-card monte racket down at the local nursing home, you're going to need a deck of hardcore playing cards that appropriately demonstrate the fact that your human reproductive organs are forged from solid brass and steel. 

Created by the guys who bring you Badass of the Week and Badass Con Carne, BADASS: Spades & Grenades is a straight-up deck of regular playing cards depicting 52 of the biggest badasses in the history of the world. They can be used for everything from Blackjack to 52-Card Pickup, and are pretty much guaranteed to turn a crappy, rainy-day waiting room game of Gin Rummy into a full-scale blood-drenched slugfest with the fate of the planet hanging in the balance.

From Shaka Zulu to George S. Patton, these hard-hitting premium playing cards depict real-life warriors, explorers, and various other eccentric murderlicious maniacs from every corner of the world and every period of history. Each comes with an awesome quote and every card will be hand-illustrated by our amazing stable of artists.

Got twenty-five years or so to think about the consequences of a few poorly-timed, ultra-violent life decisions?  Now you can play Solitaire in your five-by-five prison cell while learning cool crap about historical badasses.  Wanna spice up grandma's boring-as-hell Bridge club with something a little more intense than an automated external defibrillator? Choke-slam a deck of Spades & Grenades on the table and then laugh like a psychotic asshole while her entire home is instantly engulfed in flames like it was just in a head-on collision with a nuclear warhead. Or are you simply a hopefully-suave party dude trying to convince your ex-girlfriend's sorority sisters to play a few hands of Strip Poker?  Whip these suckers out.  If their clothes don't spontaneously combust and fly off into the atmosphere, at least they'll forget that wussy slap-in-the-face thing and just closed-fist punch you in the jaw because they know you're BADASS enough to handle it.

The BADASS: Spades & Grenades deck is printed at the United States Playing Card Company, the choice of professionals and casinos for over a century!

The deck features 100% original and custom art: Every card has a unique piece of art and quote for each badass. The back & box design is an homage to the classic King design, but with some much needed Armored support. We have also included two special cards with rules for our drinking game Badass A$$hole!

Limited Print Run, from a Kick Starter project.

2014 Release.