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Misc. Goods Co. v3 Playing Cards USPCC

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Misc. Goods Co. v3 Playing Cards USPCC

Misc. Goods Co. v3 Playing Cards

Available in 5 colors

An August 2019 Pip Box Club Selection - For more information on joining Pip Box Club click here.

This deck will produce looks of fascination. 

MCGO v3 Playing Cards is a completely redesigned deck of playing cards. The illustrations on the cards have been redone; from the tuck case to every symbol, court card and even the typography. 

It has beautifully colored card backs and tuck case. In addition, the red colored pips for Diamonds and Hearts form an intriguing contrast with the black design, particularly with the court cards. 


- Made in America by United States Playing Card Co. 
- 56 card deck 
- Bee coated paper 
- Blind tuck case emboss 
Foil lettering on tuck case 
- Regulation size 3.5" by 2.5"

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
P. W. Dennis
Unique Deck with Artistic touches

First off I received this deck as a mystery deck which is another testimony to the value of the PCD's mystery deck offers.

This deck has monotone line drawings for the court cards. The layout of the pips on the number cards breaks from the traditional layout. For example the three pips of the 3's are arranged horizontally across the face of the card, left to right. The pips themselves are small. The clubs and spades are drawn in a vintage style.

The number cards have tally marks in the lower left and upper right indicating the value. Aces have an "X" instead of a "I" Courts do not have the tally marks.

The deck comes with 2 jokers, one with a gold "medallion" index and one with a silver "medallion" index. There is an ad card and a replacement card for lost cards with an array of rectangles where you can draw in the pips of the lost card.

A great deck from Misc. Goods

I really respect that the creator of the deck found success prior to the giant waves of customized decks. When this deck came out, it definitely stood out due to the customized nature of the cards. This deck would definitely work well as a gameplay deck. The cards handle very well due to be manufactured by USPCC. I due like the artwork of the court cards and can see why it was so popular when introduced on Kickstarter. Definitely get your hands on this deck.

Shaun Wilson
Great All Around Cards

(Red Deck)

Tuck Case - 4/5
Pretty nice tuck case with lots of interesting details. Slight embossing with some hidden words. Gold detailing on soft matte finish. Luxurious feel.

Card Design - 4/5
Every card is custom, which is great! Fun Jokers and extra cards. Number cards have tally marks on the edges for a nice unique touch. The pips are custom and arranged differently than usual on the three cards. Court cards have a lot of detail, but are mostly black and white. Cool familiar design, but would have liked more color. King of Diamonds is the suicide king in this deck. The back is nice and shiny, with gold design to match the tuck. Unfortunately the back is one-way.

Handling - 5/5
Great feeling cards. No trouble at all to shuffle and fan. Exactly what you'd expect from luxury cards.

Game Play - 5/5
Nothing about this deck would hinder game play in the least. Everything is recognizable and functional for gaming. Backs are clearly distinguished from the fronts.

Overall - 4/5
This is a great deck and one that I would recommend. The main gripes have to do with the one-way back and lack of color for the court cards, but nothing at all that makes me dislike this deck overall.

Excellence in cards

The tuck case for the green version (the one I have) is flawless. The cards are perfect, too. There is nothing that could be altered on these to improve them.

A remarkable and stylish deck, and a remarkable story!

Back in 2012, the original edition of the Misc Goods deck was the very first deck of playing cards ever to receive over $100,000 in funding on Kickstarter. It not only Kickstarted a deck, but an entire company - Tyler Deeb's Misc Goods Co. This is the third edition of this deck, and features many improvements to the original.

The card backs feature large symbols of all four suits in a classy one-way design. Different colours are available, and in the third edition the choices are black (with black backs), red (with metallic gold/brown backs), green (with sea green backs), ivory (with white backs), and cina (with multi-coloured backs). The court cards feature minimalism in colour, while still having very clear indices to ensure functionality, combined with a very intricate and classy design focusing on black line drawings that evokes elegance and symbolism. The number cards continue this elegance, with diminutive pips used on the indices, customized and stylish shapes for the main pips and the numbers, and the addition of an unusual twist: the card value in a tally count in opposite corners. The understated colours makes this is a great all-purpose deck for playing card games, because it is both functional as well as refined.

The current version is the definitive version of this deck, and has larger indexes and improvements all round. Practical and stylish, the Misc Goods deck has enhanced many a card game in my home. - BoardGameGeek reviewer EndersGame

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