Time Playing Cards 5 Deck Deck Deluxe Set

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Time Playing Cards

LIMITED EDITION: Only 144 sets printed! Will NOT be reprinted.

TIME Playing Cards - DELUXE SET is an extremely beautiful collection that can be displayed on your shelf.

TIME Playing Cards - DELUXE SET contains 5 decks. 2 of them are marked decks (With our customized TIME marking system). 3 of them are gaff decks (They are totally different).

The 2 marked decks are little bit different from each other. For one of them, the face of the cards are normal. For the other, the face of the cards have no corner index - This is what the face of playing cards look like hundreds years ago!

Using the 3 different gaff decks you can perform many magic routines. In the instructional videos provided, you will see some routines (Performance Only), but after you familiarize yourself with these 3 gaff decks, you can easily figure out how to perform them.

2020 Release