Legends Chromatic & Sterling Playing Cards 2 Deck Set LPCC

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Legends Chromatic & Sterling Playing Cards


Chromatic and Sterling: a perfect pairing to illustrate one of the worlds most exclusive printing techniques, Cold Foiling. Typically reserved for cosmetic brands and luxury goods packaging, at Legends we masterfully apply this rare printing technique to playing cards and packaging.

In the Sterling Edition, Mark Stutzman's original artwork from the famed Legends #852 deck is re-imagined by our long term customer and friend Paul Middleton at JP Games, and designer extraordinaire Randy Butterfield with the Chromatic Edition. Though w typically don't like to re-print new colorways, Legends is using these decks to educate designers and artists to the magic and versatility of Cold Foil, and the best way to do that is to compare it with our previous Legends' releases.

Print any color of the rainbow on top of Cold Foil and see it shine, the possibilities are endless!

2020 Release