Mystery Uncut Sheet

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Mystery Uncut Sheet

Limit 6 per order, supply is limited.

If you have some of our uncuts sheets already, let us know which ones in the order notes and we will do our best to avoid you getting duplicates.

You will receive an uncut sheet from a PCD project, collaboration or from Will's personal collection. Most of these sheets were only available during a kickstarter campaign or if you personally visited PCD headquarters.

These sheets make great posters or gifts, for framing.

Over 20 different sheets will be made available for this mystery sale and you can order up to 2 with no risk of getting a duplicate. Only 5 - 50 sheets for each deck were left before cutting to make the decks, so these are highly collectible items.

If you place a large order sheets may be shipped separate from decks.

Sheets will be shipped in an extra sturdy poster tube.

Size is ~ 22 x 26"

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