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Eclipse Comic Reproduction Playing Cards MPC

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Eclipse Comic Reproduction Playing Cards MPC

Eclipse Comic Reproduction Playing Cards

Sold as a set and individually

This reproduction deck was first printed in 1876 by F.H. Lowere. It is noteworthy as it was the first transformation deck printed in the USA and also the first transformation deck to include a joker. The deck was recreated digitally from scratch with special thanks to Columbia University for providing high resolutions images from the original deck from the Albert Field playing card collection.

  • Printed By MPC
  • Casino Quality M31 Card Stock
  • Supreme Beta Linen Finish
  • Replica Tax Stamp Seal
  • 52 Cards + 2 Jokers + 1 Ad Card
  • Limited Edition of 500 Each
  • Recreated by Azured Ox
  • Produced by Will Roya
  • 2020 Release

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Not for everyone

Got a little trigger happy with this purchase, did not notice the clubs. No need for racist playing cards in my collection. Won't be displaying or using these for anything other than throwing.

Shannon Horst
Nice Deck!

This is a very nice, and faithful representation of a transformation deck. I enjoyed rifling through, and looking at each card. Every card is treat to look at, and its fun to see each of the small details that set this deck apart from others in my collection. The absent card value numbers are missing, which certainly makes them more difficult to play a game with. But, I have plenty of other decks for that sort of thing. I'm glad I own these, and I'm sure you will be too.

A good old school deck

It's a unique transformational deck that brings you back to the 1800s. The art style is very antiquated and fits the deck real well. I like that they try to be authentic and not have the value or pips on the corners. This is definitely not practical for gaming, cardistry, or magic, but shines for collectors. The only reason I docked a star is because I wasn't a fan of the handling of the cards. Although for hands off collectors, it would make a great addition to a collection

Nice design

Great design on this deck by Will. The back design is fantastic. A very great custom deck for sure. Get a deck while you can.

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