NECRONOMICON Foil Tuck Bicycle Playing Cards

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The NECRONOMICON, roughly translated, The Book of the Dead. Forged from the mind of H.P. Lovecraft and just a piece in a series of literature known as the MYTHOS. 4PM DESIGNS has delved into the darkness for a unique deck design. While among the dead, this deck has resurrected the Great Old Ones and their knowledge has possessed these 56 cards to bring you MYTHOS: NECRONOMICON. 

The Limited Edition Mythos: Necronomicon will be our most limited set of cards in production!!! These decks will feature a Metallic Rainbow tuck box which at first glance is silver, but when light hits it, turns various colors as you tilt the box. This isn't USPCC's common foil stamped deck. The complete tuck box is made of foil. In fact, the USPCC no longer works with the tuck provider which developed these boxes for their previous decks. By our request, they began working with them again and are now setting up a limited run of only 1,500 boxes.We had to redesign the box in order to highlight the foil, which makes the box designs appear silver. Don't worry, the cards are still the same great design as in the standard Mythos: Necronomicon deck. The deck will also contain an exclusive custom seal to help distinguish the deck from the rest.PS. Limited Edition has a separate QR Code reveal than the standard decks.

Necronomicon Features:
- Premium Casino Grade BEE® Paper Stock
- Magic Finish for Superior Handling- Custom Faces, Backs and Pips
 - Four corner pips for left handed players
- Hand Drawn Court Cards and Jokers
- Joker Reveal
- QR Code Reveal
- Barcode Reveal
2013 Release.

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