Oaknut Playing Cards Luxury 2 Deck Set

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Oaknut Playing Cards Luxury 2 Deck Set

The humble acorn is a fascinating object. The seed of the oak tree, the acorn has been used as a symbol in many cultures for thousands of years to represent life, potential, strength, fertility, and even immortality.

Acorns have been included as design elements in historical decks of cards, and even appear on the cover of one of the most famed books on sleight-of-hand: The Expert at the Card Table.

When creating this 2-deck collector's set, we knew the acorn (aka the Oaknut) was the perfect symbol to use as the basis for the design. The backs have a classically-styled design with a modern flair. The faces have been customized with new designs and deep, rich color tones that still maintain playability.

This special set marks the debut of UltraLux™ Finish. After months of research and trial & error, we are thrilled to bring this new offering to market.

UltraLux™ Finish is the combination of casino-grade European card stock that has been crushed to the perfect thickness, with just the right amount of linen texture for a perfect glide. Put this together with vegetable-based inks and AquaFlow™ water-based coating and you have a deck that handles like an absolute dream. The cards are traditionally cut with smooth edges that provide just the right amount of grip. These cards are soft enough to get to work straight out of the box, but durable enough to meet the needs of a full-time magician, cardist, or card sharp.

Inside the beautiful collector's box, you'll receive two decks of cards. The Standard deck contains the gorgeous cards with 100% custom artwork, 2 Jokers, and 2 gaff cards inside a striking white & brown tuck box with an individually-numbered sticker seal. The Gilded deck has stunning dark bronze foiled edges on the cards. The tuck box is crafted from luxurious chocolate-brown paper that has the design stamped in gold foil. The sticker seal is also numbered to match the standard deck.

The most limited set of cards created by Penguin Magic to date, Oaknut is sure to have a special place in the collections of those who are able to obtain it.

•Only 250 sets produced
•Includes one Standard deck and one Gilded deck
•Matching numbered sticker seals
•Both decks housed in a sleek collector's box with magnetic closure
•100% custom artwork
•Designed by Anna Lukavska
•UltraLux™ Finish with AquaFlow™ Coating
•Traditionally Cut
•Custom jokers
•Bonus gaff cards included

2021 Release

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