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Fewer than 2,000 Decks Printed - Our Most Spectacular Deck Ever! 

Honeybee Special Edition is a true labor of love. We wanted to offer something that wasn't just beautiful, we wanted it to be gorgeous. Designed by Randy Butterfield, the Honeybee Special Edition employs state-of-the-art technology from top to bottom. 

For years, the only way to give a deck a shiny look was with metallic ink. However, the ink absorbs into the paper and only gives a subtle effect. USPCC has recently developed a technology called MetalLuxe that allows them to apply pure foil directly to the cards without altering the terrific feel and handling. The MetalLuxe foil creates a level of shine that is unparalleled. We could not be more excited about using this process on this very special Honeybee Deck! We have applied gold foil over black ink to make our beautiful honeycomb pattern really pop. It has to been seen to be believed. 

Cards as special as this definitely need a box to match; and this tuck box is far from ordinary. It is crafted from high-grade black paper (not black ink printed over white paper), with TWO types of foil. The black box with the shimmering gold and silver foil announces that the cards inside are truly be a sight to behold and will be an instant stand-out in your collection. 

On the faces, we have custom Beekeeper Jokers, a custom Beehive Ace of Spades, deep high-roller red on the Heart/Diamond suits, and custom colors and textures applied to the court cards. The handling is as superb as all of our other Honeybee Decks, with casino-grade Bee stock and ultra-smooth finish to withstand a night of performing or gambling. 

These Special Edition decks are true collectibles that will NEVER be reprinted. Get yours before they fly away! 

- Fewer than 2,000 decks printed 
- Designed by Randy Butterfield 
- Gold foil MetalLuxe backs 
- Black paper tuck box with gold and silver foil 
- Printed by USPCC 
- Bee Stock and Premium "Magic" Finish 
- Traditionally cut 
- Custom back, tuck box, seal, Ace of Spades, and Jokers 
- Custom color scheme and background pattern on the court cards 
- 2 gaff cards included - gold/yellow double backer and blank facer

2017 Release.

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