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Honeybee Elite Playing Cards

Available as a set or individually

Honeybee Elite Edition brings Penguin's acclaimed Honeybee brand into our Elite family. We've combined the beauty and practicality of a borderless deck with the incredible feel of our Elite Edition lineup of decks.

This gorgeous new edition returns Honeybees to their borderless roots with an edge-to-edge honeycomb pattern. Available in Red and Blue, these are the best decks ever for a night of Poker or for magicians and card mechanics who prefer a borderless design.

One year ago, we introduced Bicycle Elite Edition to the community. We applied the classic Rider Back to a new thin-crush stock that feels broken in right out of the box. Bicycle Elite has received over a hundred 5-star reviews with many comments about the stock being GREAT for gambling moves such as bottom dealing and second dealing.

We recognized that many of these card-shark moves are even more deceptive with a borderless design, so we got to work on Honeybee Elite Edition. Like the rest of the Elite family, the Honeybee Elite playing cards will be on thin-crush stock and traditionally cut - perfect for gambling demos, table faro shuffles, and more.

Now you can enjoy the delightful feel and handling that has been hailed by the world's top card professionals without your audience ever raising an eyebrow.

In addition to the custom back design and tuck box, each Honeybee Elite deck includes customized court cards, jokers, and an elegant Ace of Spades.

Inspired by classic designs for a traditional look, we've revamped the colors on the court cards to fit in with the Red & Blue backs of Honeybee Elite.

Each deck will include one Color Joker, one Black & White Joker, and the custom Ace of Spades. The Ace carries our classic bee mascot who has lived in every edition of the Honeybee deck. The Jokers evoke a classic feel with a bit of whimsy thanks to our jester character. The hive he carries is a nod to previous editions of Honeybee decks.

Each deck will also include a double-backed card (Red/Red or Blue/Blue to match each deck) as well as a blank-faced card.

2018 Release

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