Vegas Diffractor Ultraviolet Playing Cards VXD

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Vegas Diffractor Ultraviolet Playing Cards

Diffractor Playing Cards are truly unique - they feature a newly invented and patented playing card printing process, which combines the standard ink artwork with security type transparent holographics (usually found on security documents and ID's). The resultant effect is a stunning holographic shine, which moves through the color-spectrum dependent on the angle of light and viewing, elevating any magic tricks, cardistry flourishes or card games to the next level.

  • Patented Playing Cards - Featuring Fully Custom Transparent Holographics on Front and Back Faces
  • Ultraviolet Foil on Back Faces of Playing Cards
  • Ultraviolet Foiled & Embossed Tuck
  • All Artwork by Lance T Miller
  • Cello-Wrapped Inside & Outside of Tuck
  • Numbered to 499 (Only 499 Produced)
  • 2020 Release
  • Please note: The decks were shipped to PCD "loose" so they may have minor dents or scuffs.

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