Nautilus v2.1 Playing Cards

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Nautilus v2.1 Playing Cards 

Hello. I’m John Cho (A.K.A J.C), the designer of Nautilus playing card. I’ve made various cards in Republic of Korea, such as “Tree of Life playing card”, “Gym ball playing card”, “Fractal playing card” and "Treble clef playing card". I am very passionate to create playing cards and I’ve been tried to make refreshing design and bring them in real life. I started playing card design about two years ago. Indeed, I am freshmen rookie in this genre, but I've been draw illustration over ten years for pastime. 

I played Texas Holdem on every Christmas season with my friends when I was in Australia. That was my first experience that I've touched playing cards. Since then, I've dreamed creating my own playing cards with my unique design. Few years later, I designed and released several playing cards in Korea. Unfortunately, Some of them were not successful but I didn't stop and finally, I started gain popularity in Korea with Nautilus V1. 

The artwork of Nautilus deck was inspired from a mobile game that I really loved to play. The game was called "Tap Tap Fish" and when the game starts, as background illustration, it shows small sunken ship in moonlight and it was very dreamlike. Once I saw this illustration I'd decided to make a playing cards like this.

I named this playing cards "NAUTILUS" and it was the name of the ship in the game. I drew  a ship and starry night with aurora.

Nautilus playing cards has 56 cards includes two gaff cards, which is double back and special gaff card. You can create and perform your own tricks with using these gaff cards if you are a magician. 

The card case had been designed to open and grab the deck easier than ordinary card case. When you open the case, flap makes a room so you can put your thumb in there to grab a deck easier. I call this, "Thumb cut box". 

The flap is VERY long like an old era of USPCC card cases did. If you use worn ordinary case, it's easily opened even when you don't want to because flap is short. However, long flap guarantees very secure locking so whoever loves vintage style card case or wants to protect your deck well in card case, this is the right one!

Sealing sticker has unique own numbers. All the numbers are printed with different value on it. It means, every single deck is unique and only one in the world.

2019 Release