Longitude & Latitude Playing Cards 2 Deck Set LPCC

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Longitude & Latitude Playing Cards 2 Deck Set

LONGITUDE & LATITUDE playing cards, engineered with water resistant tuck box paper to withstand the high seas. The perfect addition to your ditty box!

From paddle-driven steamboats to private yachts, this set of playing cards is inspired by the rich tradition of nautical history. The Longitude deck represents classic maritime history, with an engraved look back design, and a Tally-Ho type feel to the artwork. Whereas the Latitude deck is a modern super sleek styled card back, with clean and elegant lines. Both decks feature custom jokers and Ace of Diamonds.

Our supreme quality Diamond Finish paper card stock is resistant to moisture, and designed to last up to 5 times longer than a standard paper playing card deck. The tuck boxes in this set features water and tear resistant material with a soft and elegant touch.

Limited to a print run of 2,000 decks per version.