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Hak Playing Cards

Spanning five centuries as Korea's longest lasting kingdom, the Joseon Dynasty cultivated growth in the arts and sciences leading to countless innovations. Hak Playing Cards explores the designs, traditions, and architecture of this period for a unique glimpse into the golden age of Korean history.

The front of the tuck case prominently features the word 'hak', meaning crane in Korean. It is written using Hangul, the Korean alphabet developed during the Joseon Dynasty. At the top and bottom of the case are two cranes, a symbol of longevity and good luck in East Asian culture. This crane motif appears many times throughout the deck. On the sides of the case are images of animal statues called Japsang. Found on the rooftops of royal palaces, these statues acted as guardians against evil spirits and were an essential part of palace architecture. The mirrored back design incorporates the two cranes and eight japsang with Irworobongdo (Ir-wor-o-bong-do), a folding screen set behind the royal throne during the Joseon Dynasty. Depicting the sun, moon, and five peaks, the painting symbolized a balance in the universe with the king at its center.

No expenses were spared in the production of this luxury deck- it is the highest funded Studio K campaign to date with over $13,000 raised on Kickstarter. A true statement piece for any collector of playing cards that not only displays but handles extremely well.