Black Tales Playing Cards USPCC

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Black Tales Playing Cards 

Black Tales Playing cards it is the results of over a year of work, with the goal of create a deck with unique identity but maintaining and respecting the traditional style of the cards, a style that is familiar to everyone, whether magicians, players, collectors, etc.

As a deck thinking for magicians and daily use either for performance or practice, we'd try to give useful cards.

Every deck of BlackTales It has 56 cards, 52 standard.
- 2 identical Jokers, that work awesome for magic tricks 
- 1 Double Backer easy to use gaff card
- 1 Blank Card, second gaff that open the possibilities for magic tricks.

Other features:

  • Crushed Stock
  • Custom Tuck Seal
  • Traditional Cut
  • Metallic Inks
  • 2018 Release

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