Ketchup Playing Cards USPCC

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Ketchup Playing Cards

A July 2021 Pip Box Club Selection - For more information on joining Pip Box Club click here

The Ketchup Playing Cards is a brilliant combination of Fast Food and Playing Cards by the talented Rich Li. The design itself is considered to be suitable for both magicians and cardists, so that one does not get distracted by the artwork but can still find the playfulness representing the fast food culture. Who knows? You might find some familiar faces on the delicious court cards.

  • Limited to 2500
  • Fully custom court cards representing the Fast Food Culture
  • Printed by USPCC with their premium Bee crush stock, Air-cushion finish
  • Suit marked - Allowing you to identify any suit of any given card from the back
  • Multiple Hidden Magic Reveals and routines for you to discover

2021 Release

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